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Industrial Engineering
Emsdetten, Germany
Project Outsourcing
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from December 2018


The Start-up from Emsdetten, Apronic – a manufacturer of software and systems for applications in the industry 4.0 sector - needed support for the development of one of their products – the ProdWatch system.

The software is used to monitor work on production/assembly lines and to record vital data on the production process and machines. It has been developed and successfully utilised by a broad range of start-up clients for several years.

Given the positive feedback from users, the company decided to continue to develop and expand the system with several new features. Furthermore, it had to be adapted to the specific requirements of one of their customers.

Apronic was looking for a reliable partner for this project. It had to be an experienced IT company that would, in addition to reliably providing the desired support, also advise on technological issues and broaden the knowledge of the development team.


In December 2018, we were approached by the owner of Apronic, thanks to positive experiences from previous projects.

The task entrusted to us is a comprehensive cooperation in the field of software design – from development, through testing, to implementation. Moreover, we were also to take over the project management for the system software sub-function.

The customer who was particularly interested in our team, which initially consisted of 2 FullStack developers and an occasional project manager, not only wanted us to thoroughly understand the code itself but also the specifics of his company. To achieve this, they conducted several specialist workshops for us.

Our programmers also visited the production line of one of the start-up customers to see how the system actually works. This all helped us to understand our partner's operations better.


What are we doing?

  • ProdWatch system software development
  • Preparation and testing of new functions
  • Organisation of workshops with the customer to discuss market requirements
  • Proposals and implementation of new solutions


Less than a year after commencing the project we managed to significantly improve the client's system (refactoring, implementation of the NESTjs framework, further development of the docking system for production and development environment, to name but a few). We have also introduced many new features into the system.

The improvements we have introduced to the system code and new solutions permit better visualisation of production data in the ProdWatch system. In effect, the production optimisation has become much easier for owners and managers of production companies as well as the employees themselves.

Owing to our work, the customer can significantly improve and expand its product, which increases competitiveness and offers an opportunity to acquire new customers.

Currently, Apronic is working with us on the further development of its products. We have increased our resources for further support by another 50%, and the trend is growing.

From the customer

They're great people who really want to help you. If there are troubles in the project, in the collaboration or what ever - we always found a good solution for both sides to fix it. 

Tobias Kiwitt
CEO, apronic GmbH



A successful start-up, which was founded several years ago in Emsdetten/Germany, Apronic is mainly involved in supporting companies in industry 4.0. The company's primary business activity is to provide systems for the digitalisation and optimisation of production processes on assembly lines, as well as for the registration of machine and process data, including their visualisation.

Customer website: www.apronic.com/

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