Do you want to…

  • Reduce time spent on bug fixing and quality assurance? 

  • Automate the manual steps required to build and verify a release?

  • Improve application security and robustness? 

  • Shorten the release cycle?

  • Find and fix gaps in your quality? 


Less time spent on manual testing. Costs reduced.  
Developers start writing unit and integration tests, making their code mode reliable. Usually this also improves effectiveness in the medium-term. 
Areas of application covered by automated tests have low regression.  
Releases can take place more often, because stabilization takes less time.  
Allows a further Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery approach.  
End user satisfaction grows, because the software is more reliable and features released more often.  
Developers know if a change in their part of the code has unwanted side-effects on another area of the application.
QA engineers gather knowledge about the whole system and can assist in designing new features or resolving bugs much faster. 

What is this?

Software testing doesn't have to be manual work only. Automated tests can be helpful on every level of the software. Starting from unit testing, that covers single classes or modules, through to end-to-end tests. 
Using modern tools covering web applications with tests can offer fast results.



Implemented projects in

/ Projects we are proud of
Development of client-server application for optimization of semiconductor production
A company developing software supporting the production process of guide devices needed the support of C# specialists to develop their project. The aim was to improve the system and adapt it to new standards.
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: Since July 2017
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Support for the development of an online examination system and e-learning platform
Java, Springboot, JavaScript, Angular, CSS, HTML, My SQL
(g.a.s.t.) e. V. / TestDaF-Institut, a German institution offering internationally recognized language testing needed to develop a digital testing platform for their products. For this purpose, they sought the support of an experienced Java development team.
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: from September 2017
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Other projects

/ Projects we are proud of
Client: Systema Art of Automation – an IT company from Dresden which provides software solutions and consulting for complex manufacturing processes
Technologies: C++, Python, My SQL
Industry: Semiconductors
Task: Production process management software for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: Since February 2019
City: Dresden, Germany

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