C# Programming On The Platform .NET


  • NET Core
  • ASP.NET / ASP.Net Core
  • WebAPI


  • WPF
  • WCF
  • NET Core

Data Layer:

  • EF / EF Core
  • MS SQL


  • Azure
  • Docker

Implemented projects in C#

/ Projects we are proud of
Development of client-server application for optimization of semiconductor production
A company developing software supporting the production process of guide devices needed the support of C# specialists to develop their project. The aim was to improve the system and adapt it to new standards.
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: Since July 2017
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Other projects

/ Projects we are proud of
Client: Merways – a mobile app for ordering food in reusable packaging in Germany It is used to record the number of containers that catering businesses lend to customers and sends out return confirmations.
Technologies: Android - Kotlin, Flutter
Industry: IT Services & Consulting
Task: A user story that is to be realised within the scope of the test.
Model: Team Outsourcing
Duration: since January 2023
City: Bremen, Germany
Łukasz Borzęcki

"Our relationships with customers are long-term. Thanks to our very low employee turnover in the company, we create teams that work together for a very long time.

Before starting cooperation, we spend a lot of time with the customer to check whether our values and customer's values allow for long-term cooperation to bring benefits to both parties."

Łukasz Borzęcki
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